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Go Off the Radar - Blog #2

Let's get out of here! I know we're all itching to move, to see new places and experience new things. How can we do this, and still be healthy and safe for our families?

For many people, airlines are out. Yes, there are ways to maintain health standards on an airplane: wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, etc. However, there are other ways to see the amazing places within the continental United States without flying.

Take a train! Trains are a great way to enjoy the landscape of your journey and see several destinations in one vacation. They also rarely include luggage restrictions or additional baggage fees - yes! There are different levels of luxury on a train, including first-class, coach and sleeper cars. Most long-distance trains have observation cars that allow you to take in the scenery as you

travel; a great way to see places you are otherwise flying above the clouds. Amtrak, your travel provider, has great packages for train travel - check it out here. Imagine seeing some of the most amazing National Parks floating by outside your observation window - contact me to set up your train adventure.

Rent a campervan! Have you seen how the upcycling of large vans recently? People around the country are turning an average van into a luxury travel experience. There are several companies to choose from; you just pick up the van and travel at your leisure.

Do you want to wake up to a sunrise overlooking the mountains? You can do that! Do you want to fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean crashing on the beach? You can do that! Many of the rentals are available all over the country for pickup. Contact me and we'll pick your jumping-off point for this van-venture!

Go glamping! That's right, glamourous-camping - or glamping - is the chic way to experience the great outdoors. Aside from stepping up the standard camping tent, glamping also includes extraordinary structures, like sleeping in a treehouse or enjoying

views from a mountain eco-lodge. Many sites include upgraded amenities - can we celebrate running water and conventional bathrooms?! There are also activities like fireside breakfasts, s'mores, outdoor adventures and more. Contact me and we'll explore your many options together!

We're all looking forward to the vacations ahead, so join me in going Off the Radar. Visit https://www.offtheradartravel.com/ to book your next adventure.

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